Resident Story: Samantha

“I was very nervous and skeptical at first, but quickly felt different”


Samantha and her four children found themselves homeless after Samantha fled an unhealthy and abusive relationship. Samantha was a single mom of four children, ages four and under. Samantha was scared and unsure of where to turn. She heard about NUMAS Haus from Brown County Human Services but didn’t like the thought of her and her children being in a homeless shelter. However, left with no other choice, Samantha called NUMAS Haus and met with the Shelter Coordinator to see what the shelter was all about. After meeting with the Shelter Coordinator, Samantha felt much less nervous about coming to the shelter with her children. She took the next available opening and moved into NUMAS Haus a few days later. Samantha was determined to do whatever it took to get her and her children back into a safe place of their own. She was faced with many challenges, including finding child care that would take all four children, finding an “job with hours that would work for her and her children, and also figuring out how to get to and from work and childcare without a license or a car. There were so many road blocks and barriers to overcome on her journey, but with Samantha’s motivation and with the help of NUMAS Haus, she accomplished all of her goals and more. Samantha even managed to find child care, work, and housing, all within a 2 block radius, so transportation was not an issue! Hard work and determination truly pays off.