Resident Story: Loraine

Loraine is a single mother of four amazing kids. She has worked hard to overcome many hurdles in her life. Loraine was in a tough marriage where she endured many years of mental and emotional abuse, and unfortunately, it trickled down to the children as well. She came to the realization that she had to get herself and her children out of this abusive relationship. With nowhere to go, she called NUMAS Haus.

After arriving at NUMAS things were going well, her husband was being more agreeable and they had a parenting schedule in place. After a few months of this, things started to change. Her husband started using the children to manipulate her and would withhold the children from her for weeks at a time. At this point, Loraine, (who at one point had hopes of reconciliation), decided that the best possible plan of action was to start the divorce process.

While staying at NUMAS Haus, Loraine was able to accomplish several of her goals. One was to get her driver’s license. The day she passed her test was one of the most exciting days she can remember in a long time! She started going to therapy, she completed the 90-day program, and found a place for herself and her kids to call home.

“NUMAS will always be a huge part of our lives! We will forever be grateful to them for all the help they provided us. They were there when I had nowhere or no one to turn to. I was given the encouragement and help I needed to get over all of those hurdles.”