Resident Story: Katie

It was August 2019, and Katie’s three daughters, ages 10, 9, and 5 had just returned to her care after three and a half  years of living with her sister. Katie had been without her children for the majority of this time as she struggled with her mental health and addiction. By the end of August, Katie found herselfstruggling once again as a single mother and turned to drugs to cope. Because of her relapse, Katie was sent to jail.

Katie did not want to return to her old lifestyle after being released from jail. She wanted more for herself and her daughters. However, when NUMAS Haus was suggested as an option for Katie and her family, she did not like the idea of her children being in a homeless shelter either. Katie was convinced to visit NUMAS Haus before making her final decision, and was surprised to find NUMAS Haus to be a very warm, welcoming atmosphere for her and her children as they work to get their life back on track. During her visit, she was able to meet with the Shelter Coordinator to get more information about the program and get any questions answered. This visit helped calm Katie’s uncertainties and she decided NUMAS Haus would be a good fit after all.

During her time at NUMAS Haus, Katie was very motivated to turn her life around for herself and her children. Her hard work allowed her to successfully complete outpatient treatment and find a job that she enjoys. Katie also completed the Love and Logic parenting class and RentWise class. Love and Logic taught Katie helpful and appropriate parenting skills while RentWise taught her the importance of being a good tenant, budgeting skills, and developing positive relationships with her landlords and neighbors. Katie was also connected with many other area resources that helped her succeed and continue to support her today.

After about a 90-day stay at NUMAS Haus, Katie completed the program and moved into her own apartment with her daughters. She continues to work with NUMAS Haus through the  two-year case management program, continues to work at her job, and is  in the process of getting her driver’s license back.  Katie’s children are attending therapy, and she is able to continue working on parenting skills through a program offered to her by Brown County Human Services.

Katie is thankful that she took the opportunity to stay at NUMAS Haus stating, “It was worth it! It gave me the chance to be able to start a life with my children. I am very grateful and completely appreciative of the program! Thank you!”