Resident Story: Hazel

Hazel became pregnant at the age of 15. During her pregnancy, Hazel continued to attend school full time. After high school, Hazel raised her child as a single mother. She worked full-time and attended college courses. After a few years, Hazel met someone new. After they married, they welcomed additional children into their home. During this time, she also worked hard to obtain two additional college certifications! Hazel worked full-time in these professions. Hazel and her family were happy and healthy.

Shortly after Hazel gave birth to her youngest child, her husband went to jail. Hazel raised their children as a single mother and although this was difficult for her, she did what was best for her and her children. After three years, Hazel found herself in a new relationship and that she was pregnant. This relationship was fine at first, so Hazel and her children relocated to be closer to her boyfriend. Hazel then came to realize that this was not a healthy relationship for her or her children. Her boyfriend stole money from her, threatened her and her children, and was emotionally and verbally abusive towards them.

Hazel quickly moved back home, staying with family and friends. She was without housing and knew couch hopping was not a permanent solution for her and her family. Hazel was then referred to NUMAS Haus by a partnering community organization.

Initially, Hazel was hesitant about moving to a shelter. “I have never had to live in a shelter before and this was all new to me.” Hazel came
to find that NUMAS Haus offered more than a typical homeless shelter. Hazel stated, “Staff and volunteers were so helpful, and were responsive from the beginning.” Hazel was able to breathe again knowing that NUMAS Haus is here to help and that she is not alone.

While staying at NUMAS Haus, Hazel worked with staff to help connect her and her children to the community and school resources. Hazel attended regular doctor appointments and appreciated childcare provided by NUMAS Haus. Hazel said, “My kids loved it here!” “At first, they weren’t sure, because they have never been in a situation like this but ended up loving being at NUMAS Haus!” Hazel is grateful for the help NUMAS Haus has been able to offer her.