Today is “Giving Tuesday” – that day after all those ‘spending holidays’ when generous folks like you remember that the perfect antidote to endless consuming (buy! buy! buy!) is generosity (give, give, give…). Thanks to our generous supporters, another NUMAS Haus resident moved into her new home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving as a NUMAS Haus graduate – a goal that could only be achieved with help from people like you!

Giving Tuesday is the perfect day to make a difference for the women and children of NUMAS Haus! Just follow this link to donate now, and know that your contribution will help us provide shelter and support services to homeless women and their children into the coming year. Among the many support services provided to NUMAS Haus clients, your gift supports training in Love and Logic, making NUMAS moms better parents who manage their children’s behavior with love and …. well, logic!

You can also find more way to support NUMAS Haus on our Give Now page. Thank you for all the ways you give, give, give to help NUMAS Haus! Because of you, families are finding a future. Here’s that link for online giving again!