Opening August 22!

Two years of inspiration, planning, work, generosity and faith become Love’s welcome made real on August 22, 2016, as NUMAS Haus opens its door, rooms and heart to three families in need of safe, reliable housing. Thank you donors, volunteers, and supporters who have made this day possible.

As the hymn says so beautifully, ’Tis grace hath brought [us] safe thus far, And grace will lead [us] home.  In our world Divine Grace becomes manifest through human action. In the days and weeks and months to come, more than ever before, we need you to shower NUMAS Haus with abundant Grace–financial donations (sent to PO Box 291 New Ulm, MN 56073), material donations (contact Shelter Coordinator Patty Paulson ( to find out what we need and what we cannot accept, and volunteer contributions (Volunteer/Internship Job Descriptions & Application.

We welcome contributions of any size, at any time or interval. On-going, larger contributions enable us to concentrate our efforts on welcoming and serving our resident families. If your service club, employer, faith community, or family foundation provides matching grants or allows donor-directed contributions, please be in touch with NUMAS Haus board president JoAnne Taylor ( to discuss a gift for NUMAS Haus. If you love to fund-raise and are eager to head up a fund-raising event for NUMAS Haus, please be in touch with board vice-president Lisa Doege (

Abundant blessing are about to unfold for NUMAS Haus’s first families. Please continue to hold NUMAS Haus in your prayers, along with its residents, volunteers, staff and board.


House Blessing This Sunday

Join pastors from the New Ulm Ministerial Association at 4 PM this Sunday, August 14th, as they consecrate each room of NUMAS Haus in prayer. This brief service will seek God’s blessing for the house that will soon open its doors to homeless single mother families. This is the last time NUMAS Haus will be open to the public before it begins accepting client families into its program. Come add your own prayers to those spoken by the pastors, and rejoice with us that this God-sized vision is now a God-sized reality!

NUMAS Haus is located at 616 Center Street in New Ulm. Parking is available next door at First United Methodist Church, or in the Public Library lot.

Volunteer/Internship Job Descriptions & Application


NUMAS Haus provides safe and temporary housing for homeless women and their children under the age of thirteen. The program develops and provides internal and external resources in support of residents’ long term stability work as well as housing counseling to residents and nonresidents.

Volunteer/Internship Job Descriptions

Clerical Projects – Assist the Shelter Coordinator with filing, making copies, preparing outgoing mail or distributing mail to residents, assisting in the creation of forms, answering the phone, entering contact, referrals, resident, and volunteer/interns information into the database. Assist the Shelter Coordinator with other miscellaneous office duties as needed, protect confidentiality of residents. Other duties as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Working Shifts – There are a variety of shifts available to work at NUMAS Haus. These shifts consist of day shifts (8am to 4pm); evening shift (4pm to 12am); sleeping overnight shifts (12am to 8am) and all three shifts during weekends and holidays. Assist the Shelter Coordinator with daily management and supervision of NUMAS Haus and the residents of the program. Assist in preparing rooms for new residents, cleaning rooms as residents depart NUMAS Haus, washing/drying/folding/putting away sheets, blankets, towels, and wash clothes as scheduled, monitor residents as they complete daily household chores, and complete cleaning chores as needed, general up keep and cleaning of common areas as scheduled, work with the residents on programming needs as scheduled, make sure residents and children are in a safe environment, provide residents with examples of good decision making skills, contacting the shelter coordinator in response to emergencies and resident problems and issues, facilitate and document program progress through program notes, protect confidentiality of residents, and other miscellaneous tasks as determined and assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Transporting Residents – Provide transportation to residents so that residents can attend scheduled meetings, provide transportation to residents to purchase and pick up groceries from area stores, provide transportation as need for other resident requirements. Must have and maintain a vehicle in good working order with all necessary safety equipment including safety belts for all that are being transported, must all maintain valid and current licenses and insurance as required by the state of Minnesota, provide Shelter Coordinator with copies of valid licenses and insurance, protect confidentiality of residents, and other miscellaneous transportation needs as they arise and assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Providing Child Care – Provide child care for the children of the residents so that the mothers can attend meetings, programming events, training events and other needs of the mother. This position is not intended to provide child care while the mother is at work or attending GED or other schooling for the mothers. The child care will take place at the NUMAS Haus and should be only for an hour or two at a time.

Fundraising/Public Relations – Provide assistance at fundraising events or help with annual fund mailings. Can also help create brochures, posters, or other related public relations forms, and other fundraising or public relations tasks as they arise and are assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Teaching Independent Living Skills – Provide training and education to the residents regarding several different living skills. Examples of these skills may include but are not limited to cooking, grooming, hygiene, laundry, cleaning, and other skills as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Teaching Employment and Interview Skills – Provide training and education to the residents regarding how to become gainfully employed and how to interview for jobs. Some of the skills in this area include but are not limited to dressing for an interview, completing a resume and cover letter, searching for appropriate positions, and skills necessary for the interview process.

Teaching Childcare and Parenting Skills – Provide education and training to residents regarding childcare and parenting skills. Some of the skill in this area include but are not limited to first aid for children, appropriate discipline, time management, educational games, how to help with homework and school projects, modeling appropriate behaviors and manners, and other skills as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Mentoring – Be a mentor to the residents and offer them support, encouragement, and guidance in a nonjudgmental manner to help create a bond and a support system for the residents. This may include being a mentor even after the resident leaves NUMAS Haus.

Homework Helper – Help the children with homework if the mother does not have the knowledge to assist the children. This includes all school subject areas that a child may encounter in preschool through the sixth grade. This will normally take place at NUMAS Haus in late afternoon or early evening times and sometimes even on the weekends.

Teaching/Training Hobbies or Art Skills – Provide education and training to residents regarding hobbies or art. Some of the skills included in this area may include but are not limited to art, baking, knitting, crocheting, gardening, puzzles, yoga, music, and other skills as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.
Teaching Financial and Budgeting Skills – Providing training and education to residents regarding household budgeting and financial skills. Some of the skill in this area include but are not limited to balancing a check book, creating a monthly household budget, paying bills in a timely manner, speaking to creditors, and other skills as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Volunteer Only Job Descriptions

Weekly Cleaning of NUMAS Haus – 4-5 hours a week. Provide cleaning services in the common areas of NUMAS Haus, including but not limited to the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and living room. Some tasks may include but are not limited to cleaning the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, mopping floors, washing windows, cleaning toilets, showers/bathtubs, cleaning carpets and other tasks as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator. This will help keep NUMAS Haus as a clean and well-kept environment for the residents, staff, volunteers and interns.

Fostering Resident’s Pets – Provide foster care services to the household pets of the residents for up to ninety days while the resident is staying at NUMAS Haus. This includes keeping the pet at the volunteer’s private house and providing the pets with food, water, bathing, veterinary services if needed. This position also required that the volunteer be willing to training the resident and children on proper handling and care of the resident and needs to happen off of NUMAS Haus property.

Intern Only Job Descriptions

Counseling – Provide counseling services to the residents and children at NUMAS Haus. To assist in any areas of counseling, the volunteer or intern must already be currently licensed in the area of counseling that they are doing or must be working toward their license in the area of counseling that is occurring with the resident or children. A current copy of the license needs to be provided to the Shelter Coordinator or an agreement for internship in the area of counseling must be in place before any counseling occurs.

Assisting with Case Management of Residents – Assist the Shelter Coordinator with case management of all of the residents of NUMAS Haus. This position includes but is not limited to the following tasks: writing programing notes, intake and move-out of residents, coordinating services with community service providers, coordinating programming, education, and training needs for residents, assisting the residents in completing agreed upon goals, tasks, and objectives, assisting the resident in locating permanent housing, and other tasks as determined and assigned by the Shelter Coordinator. To be eligible for this position, an agreement of internship must be in place prior to providing services to the residents.

Grant Writing – Assist the Shelter Coordinator and the NUMAS Haus board with writing and applying for a variety of different grants to help ensure the financial stability of NUMAS Haus. To be eligible for this position, an agreement of internship must be in place prior to providing services

Grant Administration – Assist the Shelter Coordinator and the NUMAS Haus Board with the administration of a variety of different grants to help ensure the financial stability of NUMAS Haus and meet all of the grants that are currently in place. To be eligible for this position, an agreement of internship must be in place prior to providing services.

Other Volunteer and Intern requirements
Character: All volunteers and Interns will uphold and support the mission of NUMAS Haus through behavior that is consistent with the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards.
Confidentiality: All volunteers and Interns will uphold and protect the confidentiality of the residents of NUMAS Haus and their children. They will also sign a confidentiality agreement stating that if confidentiality is broken for any reason will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
Physical Effort: All volunteer and Intern positions may require moderate physical exertion. They may be required to physically inspect sleeping areas, moving of furniture and appliances, some cleaning and also may be required to use a step ladder or climb stairs.
Working Conditions: There is a possibility of exposure to dust and cleaning supplies. There is also a possibility of intimidating or potentially violent behaviors of residents and/or prospective residents. The risk of blood borne pathogens exposure is moderate.
Training: All volunteers and Interns will be required to complete training based on licensure requirements or requirements of NUMAS Haus.


To apply for a volunteer position or internship, please submit this Volunteer Internship Application to Shelter Coordinator Patty Paulson by dropping it off at NUMAS Haus, mailing it to NUMAS Haus, P.O. Box 291, New Ulm, MN 56073, or emailing it to


Open House for NUMAS Haus!

The NUMAS Haus Board of Directors
is pleased to invite you to an
Open House
Saturday, June 18, 201
9 AM to noon
606 Center Street • New Ulm, MN

–– 9:00 AM Ribbon-Cutting with New Ulm Mayor Bob Beussman
— Meet Patty Paulson, Shelter Coordinator
— Tours will be offered throughout the morning
— House-warming gifts are gratefully accepted!

NUMAS Haus is registered at and if you need housewarming gift ideas (we need things like sheets, towels, dishes, pots and pans, etc.) We also need cleaning supplies and feminine hygiene products (we have plenty of shampoo, bath soap, toothpaste, etc.!).

See you on the 18th!

Mid-May Update

It’s been a busy month around NUMAS Haus!

Comcast Cares Day on April 30 helped kick off the month with a fabulous crew working in and around NUMAS Haus – landscaping, putting together a picnic table and some porch furniture, painting, cleaning… four hours flew by!

2016-04-30 08.49.23 2016-04-30 08.55.50 2016-04-30 09.09.59 2016-04-30 11.00.23

Then it was on to the Goosetown Roller Girls opening bout, where NUMAS Haus was their featured charity for the evening!

2016-05-07 18.09.16 2016-05-07 18.09.32

Meanwhile, back at the house, volunteers from various churches continued to paint… and paint …. and paint … the Lions Club even joined in, taking care of the radiators with a sprayer (but they didn’t want anyone taking their pictures)!

2016-05-10 11.15.30 2016-05-10 11.14.49 2016-05-10 11.16.26

Then the Rotary Club showed up, with new appliances for the kitchen and laundry area!

2016-05-10 13.07.56 2016-05-10 13.08.11 2016-05-10 13.23.24 2016-05-10 13.24.15

Now the painting is complete, and the plumbing is pretty much done.

2016-05-10 11.15.14 The new boiler will go in soon, and the radiators will be reconnected. Air conditioning units, carpet, and new furniture are next on the list. We are shooting for a June 18 Open House and ribbon-cutting. so mark your calendar now to get a tour of NUMAS Haus before it begins accepting clients!

Keep praying for the homeless single mothers who need shelter now, and have nowhere to go. If you’d like to purchase items for the house, NUMAS Haus is on the bridal registry at and on the graduation registry at Items you purchase can be dropped off at First United Methodist Church 9 AM-1 PM Tuesday-Friday, or bring them to the Open House on June 18! Tax-deductible cash donations can be sent to PO Box 291, New Ulm, MN 56073. Help us give families a future!

Comcast Cares on April 30, 2016!

NUMAS Haus is delighted to be chosen by Comcast in the Community for Comcast Cares Day on April 30! You can sign up here to register (and get a T-shirt!), then plan to join the crew that starts working at 8 AM on April 30th, as we put some finishing touches on the renovated house at 606 Center Street! Donuts and muffins will be available in the morning, but if you aren’t an early bird, we can still use your help throughout the morning. The fun ends at noon!

Volunteers will support New Ulm’s first homeless shelter by cleaning and painting in the house. Also assembling outdoor furniture, general landscaping and repairing a picnic table.  We hope you will join us!

April Showers Make NUMAS Haus a Home

We’re excitedly preparing for a June move-in day for NUMAS Haus’s first fathis one2016-03-19 11.21.56milies. We’ll have a housewarming event as that date approaches but you can start showering this endeavor with blessings now.

NUMAS Haus is registered at Herberger’s and Target. At Herberger’s look under NUMAS Haus or Haus NUMAS on the Wedding Registry. At Target look under NUMAS Haus on the College Registry.

Gifts may be delivered (or sent) to NUMAS Haus, in care of First United Methodist Church at 1 North Broadway, New Ulm, MN 56073.

We’ll set up a registry at Walmart soon.

Shopping with a Purpose can be fun:

  • Have a Shelter Shower with your book club, women’s association, or youth group. We’ll provide a board member to talk about NUMAS Haus if you’d like.
  • Use your Herberger’s coupons! Earn more Herberger’s coupons! Get more for your money and we’ll never know!
  • Gift cards will allow us to fill in the gaps.

Happy Easter from NUMAS Haus!

Easter celebrates resurrection and new life, and that’s what NUMAS Haus wants to offer to homeless single mother families in the New Ulm area. Would you like to help us fill some “Easter baskets” with goodies for these moms and their kids? We aren’t talking about candy – we’re talking about things like shampoo and soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, personal hygiene items and small plush toys that children can keep as comfort items.

We will be assembling welcome kits for NUMAS Haus residents at the New Ulm Home and Health Show on Saturday, April 2, from 2 to 6 pm. Stop by and help us fill a tote with goodies, or even better, bring your donations of shampoos, conditioners, and other items to Christ the King Lutheran Church 1515 N. Garden Street  by THURSDAY, MARCH 31.  Here’s a complete list of the items we need:

bath soap
disposable razors
bath toy
plush toy
No tears shampoo
bath sponge or loofah
hairbrush  comb
nail clippers
emery boards
facial tissue
cotton swabs
cotton balls
lip balm
hand/body lotion
dental floss

And while you’re shopping for these smaller items, keep in mind that NUMAS Haus will need a full supply of kitchen, bath, and bedroom supplies very soon. We’ve registered at Herberger’s! Look for gift registry #3914214 on the Herberger’s website and get ready to shop!

NUMAS Update

The walls are up and new windows are being installed this week. The house is taking shape! Now we need to furnish it. The plan is to purchase new bedroom titan furniturefurniture designed specifically for institutional use (college dorms, shelters, etc.).

It will cost about $5,000 for the smallest room, $7,500 for the middle sized room, and $9,000 for the largest room. Would your organization like to “adopt a room” to help cover these costs?

We also need items to outfit the kitchen – everything from pots and pans to forks and spoons. Extra long twin sheet sets for the bunk beds, blankets, mattress pads, pillows, bath towels, washcloths … if a household uses it, we need it. Would you consider hosting a “shower” for NUMAS Haus to provide some of these items? The house should be ready to “move in” by June 1. Help us outfit it well!

If you’re good at making lists and selecting durable goods, maybe you’re the person we need to get NUMAS Haus on the gift registry at local stores. This will help other organizations help NUMAS Haus, by providing precise information about the items that are needed. Send an e-mail to volunteer for this important task, and you could be our next Gift Registry Coordinator, an extremely desirable volunteer position!